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Real state business. The office with excellence in providing legal services in all matters related to real estate. We provide specialized legal advice to developers, builders, condominiums, residents' associations, shopping malls, business centers, real estate managers, tenants, landlords, real estate unit buyers, landlords and renters.


Specialized advice to Condos and Residents' Association


  • Attendance to Trustees, Presidents of Association of Residents and Administrators.
  • Authorization to close condominiums.
  • Legal audit.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation.
  • Negotiation and mediation.
  • Assistance in assemblies.
  • Elaboration and modification of conventions and statutes.
  • Analysis and drafting of contracts and documents.
  • Notorious acts.
  • Extrajudicial notice.
  • Protest of quotas of condominium.
  • Actions for collection of quotas, fines and associative fees.
  • Indemnity actions, obligation to do and accountability.
  • Performance before the Municipal, State and Federal Public Administrations.
  • Defense in labor claim, action of consignation in payment, judicial investigation and work accident.


Right and duties of the condominium owners


  • Division, sale and extinction of voluntary condominium.
  • Representation before Condominiums and Associations of Residents, referring to the right of the condominium.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial measures for compliance with the convention, internal rules and resolutions.


Right of Neighborhood


  • Advice on harmful interference with health, safety and quiet caused by neighboring buildings or properties.
  • Representation before Public Administrations for the regularization of irregular situation or constructions.
  • Obligatory actions to do or not to do.


Real Estate Rental
  • Assistance to owners and landlords.
  • Real estate contracts.
  • Extrajudicial notifications.
  • Deposits, collection of rents, consignment in payment, renewal, revision and indemnification.


Purchase, sale, exchange, donation and assignment of property rights


  • Analysis of the legal situation of the property, as to its owner, taxes and burdens.
  • Analysis and elaboration of instruments of transfer of ownership, usufruct and lending.
  • Assistance in deeds and withdrawal of certificates.
  • Dismemberment and remembrance.


Property Registration


  • Rectification of registration, area and process of doubt.



The office acts with excellence in the provision of legal services related to all taxes charged by the Union, States, DF and Municipalities. Administrative and Judicial Litigationl.



Administrative and judicial litigation


  • Defense in infraction notice.
  • Appeal and administrative appeals.
  • Legal actions of the taxpayer's initiative.
  • Defense in criminal and criminal enforcement actions.
  • Dation in payment.





Civil right


  • Contracts.
  • Corporate.
  • Business.
  • Civil responsability.
  • Consumer Law.





  • Honoring its socially responsible value, the firm is committed to providing voluntary and free legal assistance to the poor and disadvantaged through social and religious institutions in partnership with the office.


  • Any fees owed by the opposing party will be donated to charities.


  • The art. 30 of the OAB Code of Ethics and Discipline defines pro bono advocacy as the free, occasional and voluntary provision of legal services in favor of non-economic social institutions and natural persons who do not have resources without prejudice to their own livelihood, hire a lawyer.


  • Pro bono advocacy can not be used for political-partisan or electoral purposes, nor can it benefit institutions that pursue these goals, or as an advertising tool for attracting clients.


  • In the practice of pro bono advocacy, they are barred from practicing remunerated law in any sphere for the natural or legal person who uses their pro bono services.


  • Pro bono work is characterized as a free, voluntary and supportive activity. In the legal area, it refers to legal services provided free of charge to those who are unable to afford the costs of the process and hiring a lawyer.


  • Art. 2 of the OAB Code of Ethics and Discipline. The lawyer, indispensable to the administration of Justice, is a defender of the Democratic State of Law, of human rights and fundamental guarantees, of citizenship, morality, justice and social peace, fulfilling his ministry in line with its high and the values ​​that are inherent to it.


  • Thus, our objective is to stimulate the practice of solidarity advocacy and public interest, social responsibility, contribute to the democratization of integral access to justice, to consolidate the Democratic State of Law and human rights in the country.